Mike Knapp | The IT Maturity and Value Model

The IT Maturity and Value Model

The IT Maturity and Value Model

Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management 25 Apr 2011

Technology can be a disruptor or accelerator for businesses.

When IT processes are immature and systems not stable, IT is a cost center; distracting and disrupting the business. Working properly, IT is transparent and works like a utility; it’s there working for you when you need it.

Only then can IT become the foundation required to greatly increase productivity, drive innovation, and become a competitive advantage to the business.

Small and medium-sized businesses often underestimate the strategic importance of investment in information technology. Most companies have a sales or marketing strategy, but neglect creating an IT strategy. A well thought out IT strategy helps align your IT spending with your company’s requirements and will develop it from a cost center into returns for the company.

From Disruption to Innovation in 3 Steps

How does a company go from IT being unstable and disruptive to business to an innovator? With 3 steps:

  • Define the long term vision for IT
    • Where do we want to be in 3-5 years?
    • What service levels do we require?
    • How much are we willing to invest?
  • Develop a plan to stabilize the infrastructure
    • Create an IT Roadmap to move from disruption to utility
    • Create an IT support and proactive maintenance model
    • Develop high-level project plans and budgets
  • Improve productivity and drive innovation
    • Perform Business process improvements and reengineering
    • Use technology to reduce costs and create value
    • Focus on high value projects for the business

Knapp & Associates’ CIO and IT Strategy Services helps companies develop their technology investment into a strong, agile platform which creates value and helps drive the company towards its goals.  Our approach is different than most providers; instead of being technology-focused, we recognize that technology is a tool to achieve business goals.  A strong understanding of your business and where you want it to go is essential to ongoing IT success.

Companies of all sizes can take advantage of strategic IT leadership.  Our part-time CIO offerings let business leverage an experience IT Executive without committing to full time costs.

* The IT Value Continuum used with permission from GrowthWave.

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