Mike Knapp | Strategies for High IT Worker Turnover

Strategies for High IT Worker Turnover

Strategies for High IT Worker Turnover

Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management 21 Oct 2009

Dr Jim Anderson, of The Accidental IT Leader recently posted an article talking about the growing trend of high turnover in IT, and the realities that IT leaders need to face with it.

While I agree that specialization needs to reduce in IT departments, and cross-training is key, one of the keys to retention is to have people constantly growing into new roles. When you plan and focus on growth throughout your department, it’s much easier to have the best talent stay engaged.

One of my previous clients has the right idea for this.  Roles in their IT department are regularly growing and changing to keep staff excited – any they see the benefits of this.  Most of their key players are still with the company 10 years later.  People who were in help desk 10 years ago are now IT project managers or business analysts.

CIOs / IT Managers should work with their teams to develop a people plan which is tied right into their IT strategic plan and to individual goal plans.

It’s easy to stay engaged when you know a company is focused on helping you grow and develop.

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