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Project Leadership and Execution

There are project managers, and there are project leaders. While a project manager focuses on the details, a project leader drives project success.

Project leadership encompasses all aspects of execution including delivering a clear picture, planning, leading change in the organization, coaching and mentoring and of course, executing the project successfully.

Whether your project is an infrastructure upgrades, an ERP implementations or a massive corporate build-outs, you should ask yourself the same question:

Are you ready for your project to be a success?

Technology Vision and Strategy

You have a vision and strategic plan for your company, but how can technology be leveraged to achieve your goals? Understanding the world of technology, and its ridiculous number of acronyms, can be a differentiator for your business.

But should you do it in house, outsourced or offshore? Should your solution be SaaS, CoTS, mobile, or web-based?

Enter the Chief Technology Officer, the bridge between your business and the right technology platform. The CTO is an expert at developing a clear technology vision and strategy that supports your goals and navigating the ever-changing technology waters.

It’s time for your technology investment move from confusing acronyms to truly delivering value.


optimization by mike knappProcess Optimization

Great processes drive great results.

Many companies focus on results and let the processes work themselves out. This reversal often results in unpredictable results and systems that don’t scale. The top line may grow, but the bottom line will grow faster – until the day when you simply can’t get the results you need.

It’s time to change the focus from results to scalable, sustainable processes – get rid of the monkey-work and focus on what your business is great at.

Vancouver Technology Leaders

The Vancouver Technology Leaders is dedicated to developing the IT leaders of tomorrow. The group includes technology professionals of all levels, the early stages of their career through CIO.

We deliver high-value events on leadership topics and great networking events. For senior leaders, this is your opportunity to give back to a great community. For those earlier in their career, this is non-technical professional development and networking at its finest.

The VTL was founded in April 2010 after a discussion around the lack of leadership development, mentoring and non-technical networking opportunities for technology people. Since then, the group has grown to hundreds of members and running monthly events.