Mike Knapp | Unifiller Systems Inc.

Unifiller Systems Inc.

Project Leadership
April 04, 2013

 About the Client

UNIFILLERUnifiller is a leading supplier providing portioning depositors to bakeries and food manufacturers worldwide. We are a dedicated team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the baking and food production industry.

Our Project

GrowthPoint Group [Mike] was engaged to help Unifiller replace their legacy ERP and CRM with an integration system. This project included developing requirements, facilitating the selection process and providing project leadership and oversight during the implementation.

“We have used Mike [GrowthPoint Group] to assist us with our ERP selection and implementation.

We recognized the need to have an independent contractor who would put our interests and needs first. They took the lead by meeting with our key staff in various areas, investigated the real needs and shortcomings of our existing system and processes and then developed a RFP and an evaluation matrix to guide us through the decision process.

When we got the proposals from various ERP providers it was very clear to us who we should meet with and as we got the sales presentations we were able to turn our efforts to two final candidates.

We are currently going through the deep dive with the two final candidates and I am convinced that without Mike’s assistance we would have signed with the best sales team which may not be the best fit for our needs.”

Mark Soares, Chief Executive Officer


“I have worked closely on an implementation project with Mike recently and have found him to be amazing and passionate in everything he does. Mike has a unique approach to sensitive situations and always seems to advise his clients with confidence and logic.

I would definitely recommend him for anything!”

Gulzaar Tejpar, Human Resources Manager

“We’ve been working with Mike for about 18 months now on a very long, very unusual ERP/CRM implementation and I think it’s safe to say we’d be in a lot of trouble without him.

Mike is not just knowledgeable in all aspects of our environment, but would be considered an expert in most. His ability to keep our supplier on point and as importantly, keep US on point is truly impressive.

Handing the project management over to Mike would have to be considered the single most important decision we made. I highly recommend Mike and GrowthPoint to help you manage your projects. This will allow you peace of mind so you can continue focus on what you do best.”

Doug Henderson, Sales Operations Manager