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Pathfinder Asset Management

SharePoint-based information system
April 04, 2013


pfOur inception as a family office led to the creation of our Equally Invested™ culture, which mandates that everyone at Pathfinder invests in our own funds. This provides our clients with straightforward accountability, an unparalleled sense of trust, and, ultimately, peace of mind.

Our uniquely managed funds, fee transparency, and exceptional personal service allows our clients to maximize performance, focus on long-term objectives, and have a better understanding of where their money is invested and why.

Our Project

GrowthPoint Group [Mike] was engaged to create a SharePoint-based information system for tracking and reporting on Pathfinder’s investment process. This system was designed to meet simplify the approval process and ensure regulatory requirements are met.


“GrowthPoint has allowed us to take the next step to truly improve our company. Mike and co have the perfect blend between vision and technical skill. We will continue to raise the bar and hope that they remain a critical part of the process.” –

Michael W.M. Rudd, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Pathfinder Asset Management Limited