Mike Knapp | BC Wine Institute

BC Wine Institute

POS System
April 04, 2013


Behind every bottle of BC wine is a place and a face; the Wines of British Columbia reflect the stories of the land where the grapes are grown and of the people who craft them.


The Wines of British Columbia are truly making history. With every new accolade and achievement, our wine regions further solidify their place amongst the best in the world. In 2011, BC wineries won over 2,000 medals in national and international competition – our most ever!

Our Project

GrowthPoint Group [Mike] was engaged by the BC Wine Institute to develop requirements and facilitate the selection process for a new POS system. As part of this project, all major retail and back-office business processes were examined and optimized to reduce manual entry and turn-around time.



“We engaged GrowthPoint Group to help review the options and select a new POS and back-office management system. They engaged our store operators, did a thorough requirements analysis and helped us select the right product. Great value for money and result.”Miles Prodan, President and CEO