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Open Feedback is Key to Improving IT

07 Oct 2009 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

It always amazes me just how many IT departments believe they’re “doing a great job”, but don’t actually  know how they’re doing.  Without gathering feedback from end-users, it’s hard truly understand the quality of service provided. Creating an open feedback loop builds a stronger relationship…

Lessons in leadership: 30 concrete hiring ideas

28 Jul 2009 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

An email came across my inbox this morning from Tech Republic’s leadership forum.  Iilya’s article on hiring ideas is right on the money, but missing several key things for hiring. (layout to match the original article) Marketing 31.  Define (and develop) your department’s culture.  Consider…

How Good is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

22 Jul 2009 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

Every company does a different level of disaster recovery and business continuity planning.  That’s completely appropriate – smaller companies with less technology dependency (and process maturity) do not require as thorough of a disaster recovery plan. This past week I’ve been dealing with a very…

Leaders vs Managers

13 Mar 2009 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

TechRepublic recently posted a good article on the difference between Leaders and Managers.  Having recently had a conversation/debate about a great Leader who is not a great manager, this article really drove home the point I was trying to make. In my years in the…

Using Status Update Meetings

01 Feb 2006 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

A friend and I were talking on MSN today about the challenge of managing updates for tasks that you have delegated to people. He was telling me that it can be very hard not to want/need constant updates. I can understand how you can feel…