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Change Inertia

20 Apr 2010 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit down and enjoy coffee with a colleague dealing with a daunting business process re-engineering task.  She’s working with a client that has not leveraged technology well in their current business processes.  Management recently hired a new…

Doing the Job Right vs Doing the Job Right Now

05 Apr 2010 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

A couple weeks ago I finished on a renovation project at the Ki Society with my step father, John.  John is a recently-retired trades-person.  It’s interesting to listen to him talk about the difference in trades-work between the professionals today, and those from a generation…

Crippling Outsourcing Mistakes

27 Feb 2010 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

Recently I was reading an interesting article called Outsourcing: 10 Crippling Mistakes IT Departments Make and found myself scratching my head. At first, I was unsure why – all 10 things they point out are definitely key issues that can seriously harm or cripple your…

Professional Development for a new IT Manager

14 Jan 2010 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

I’m working with an IT team to help each of them develop their professional development plans.  For most of the team, it’s really easy.  Help desk, server admins and network guys have clear technical course work and simple-to-acheive certifications to collect along the way.  It’s…

Asset Management vs License Management

08 Dec 2009 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

I’ve been reviewing help desk products for a client the past couple weeks and it (continues to) surprise me that vendors don’t recognize a difference between asset management and license management.  A couple years ago, when evaluating MSP software, I went through the same frustration…

IT Strategic Planning: A Road Trip

04 Nov 2009 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

Imagine you’re going on a road trip.  So you go out and buy a car, load it up with stuff, and head east.  Fantastic! Some of us enjoy a simple vacation this way.  I did that once (I ended up in Disneyland, but that’s another…

Strategies for High IT Worker Turnover

21 Oct 2009 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

Dr Jim Anderson, of The Accidental IT Leader recently posted an article talking about the growing trend of high turnover in IT, and the realities that IT leaders need to face with it. While I agree that specialization needs to reduce in IT departments, and…