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Re-invigorating IT: A Success Story

21 Mar 2011 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

Last week I spent several days with a long-term client at their US offices.  The goal of this trip was simple – get as much feedback on the “state of IT” a possible, then develop a plan to remediate any issues and execute. The end…

Compliance 101: It’s all about RISK

08 Mar 2011 Posted by Mike Knapp in Compliance

Compliance is all about risk mitigation. Most of the compliance frameworks started as risk mitigation efforts. It’s important that the company knows where its risks are and spend the time and effort to minimize those risks. It’s also important for a company to know what…

Compliance 101: Understanding Scope

11 Feb 2011 Posted by Mike Knapp in Compliance

Developing and adhering to compliance processes is a maturing process for most companies.  It requires that departments move from ad-hoc to structured and documented processes. While many auditors would like to see every system within the compliance framework, the key to success is to manage…

Compliance 101: Aligning with Business Goals

26 Jan 2011 Posted by Mike Knapp in Compliance

When implementing a compliance framework, it’s rare that the project lead takes the time to think deeply about the business goals of the project.  Why would you?  They’re simple – meeting regulatory (or client) compliance requirements.  DUH?!? While this may be one of the business…

Compliance 101

19 Jan 2011 Posted by Mike Knapp in Compliance

Compliance is a scary word.  Too many of us think compliance is something bureaucratic and overwhelming.  It’s true – most of the time compliance frameworks are implemented poorly – making them burdensome beasts with forms that have to be be filled out, in triplicate using…

Zen and Leadership

29 Dec 2010 Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management

I recently stumbled upon another interesting leadership website, from Terry Starbucker. In this collection of 21st century leadership ramblings, there’s a posting on applying a little Zen at your workplace.  In his article, Terry talks about the importance of being present, taking the time to…