Mike Knapp | Leadership, Technology and Optimization Expert


I believe every person, project and organization has the potential to be successful. Let’s discover how together and make it happen



About Mike

I’ve always gotten a thrill from building things. It can be as simple as a sandcastle with my family, or as complex as rescuing a failing project for a client.

The thrill has led me to taking on roles ranging from parachute-in-problem-solver to entrepreneur to CIO/CTO; helping more than 60 companies be more successful.



  • Project Leadership and Execution
  • Technology Vision and Strategy
  • Process Optimization
  • Connector and Networking Expert
  • It is a rare circumstance to have an individual with Mikes IT abilities balanced by a keen sense of fiscal responsibility. He is incredibly competent in all areas of IT systems and has improved our operations dramatically by proposing and implementing appropriate solutions.

    – SCOTT CORMACK, President & CEO, OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals

  • Mike has a depth of knowledge that allows him to competently and quickly resolve IT issues. His calm demeanor and quiet confident manner is extremely reassuring. Mike is a pleasure to work with!

    – NIKKI SHANNON, Director, Clinical Research, OncoGenex Technologies

  • One of his greatest skills is the ability to communicate business and technology concepts with anyone, from the CEO to a sales person. As most of our staff is non-technical, this helped build a very strong relationship with Mike and his team and a deeper comfort in our technology solutions.

    – FORMER PRESIDENT, Biotechnology Company

  • Mike is detail and goal oriented. He ensures projects are well managed, delivered on a timely basis and with no budgetary surprises. Brings lots of technology know-how to the table to ensure that what is being
    recommended is current and relevant.

    FERNANDO CATALA CPA, CMA, Vice President of Finance at Everything Wine INC.

  • I have hired and worked with Mike and his firm Growth Point multiple times. On all occasions he has shown to bring tremendous integrity and understanding of the solution required and the execution of the tasks to get it done. On any occasion if he did not hit the mark the first time, he did not stop until he did. I can, with full confidence recommend Mike or his team to do what they say they will do, and deliver it with enthusiasm and passion for your business without exception. Mike has shown to be a man of good character and integrity with every encounter. It will be your pleasure to deal with him!

    ANDREAS KARAKAS, Owner, Innovation Networks INC.

  • Mike is an exceptional IT professional. He is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

    SUSAN WYRICK, Vice President and Corporate Controller at Juno Therapeutics