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Zen and Leadership

Zen and Leadership

Posted by Mike Knapp in IT Management 29 Dec 2010

I recently stumbled upon another interesting leadership website, from Terry Starbucker. In this collection of 21st century leadership ramblings, there’s a posting on applying a little Zen at your workplace.  In his article, Terry talks about the importance of being present, taking the time to think things through, and listening well.

I’m a big proponent of applying meditation and zen-style philosophy to leadership and business.  I’m very involved with a meditation school here in Vancouver, and do my best to apply the principles we teach in my professional life.

One big thing I would add to this great post is the importance of maintaining a calm mind.  While he briefly alludes to the value of staying calm, he somewhat misses the point.  Maintaining a calm mind is what allows the Zen-style moments to be truly effective.

This is a skill I’ve been developing and applying at work for years.  The results have been amazing.

I’ve watched “fires” be put out by simply staying calm in the same room, listening well, and providing confidence that the problem will be solved.

Pressure and stress falls away, allowing people to focus on the right processes, knowing the right results will follow.

Relationships and connections become stronger, as you connect deeper and feel more comfortable.

And of course, it’s easier to make decisions because you can see more of the big picture, instead of focusing in too much.

Read Terry’s article and consider it well.  You’d be surprised how much a Zen moment (or better – a calm mind) can change your work life.

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