Mike Knapp | VTL February Event – Budgeting Best Practices

VTL February Event – Budgeting Best Practices

VTL February Event – Budgeting Best Practices

Posted by Mike Knapp in Vancouver Technology Leaders 20 Jan 2012

After that last VTL meeting, there was a lot of discussion about changing up our format a little. The idea is to balance our “presentation” model with a more round-table, peer-learning model.

By popular demand (believe it or not) our first topic will be developing an IT budget. With it being early in 2012, this is very timely.

The goal of this event is to develop a budgeting template that everyone can take away and use in their own company. We’re going to work together to develop the best practices and create a template which will be made available to all group members.

If you have an IT budget, please bring a copies along! Of course, you’re welcome to blank out the numbers as appropriate.

No (or minimal) experience at budgeting? This is the event for you!  Experienced budgeters – we need you at this event as well. This is the ultimate version of peer-learning.

Date: February 22

Time: 6 PM – 8 PM (we start sharply at 6, please arrive early)

Location: Please see our Linkedin Group – You must be a member to attend. We’re limited to 15 people, so RSVP quickly!

RSVPs are required. Attendance is limited to members of the Vancouver Technology Leaders group on Linkedin. Want to join? Click here.

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