Mike Knapp | The Evolution of the Vancouver Technology Leaders

The Evolution of the Vancouver Technology Leaders

The Evolution of the Vancouver Technology Leaders

Posted by Mike Knapp in Vancouver Technology Leaders 10 Oct 2013

Fellow technology leaders,

In its first two years, our little group flourished to over 300 members and hosted many great quarterly events. Over the last year, we lost a lot of momentum: I’€™ve been too busy with my young daughter and consulting practice to be fully engaged. I had a hard decision to make quit or change the nature of the group.

I chose change.

Today we launch the next evolution of the Vancouver Technology Leaders. We have a new leadership team in place with a shared vision and a passion for executing, a new home on meetup.com, and a plan for 2014.

As this update will get long, here’s the summary:

Welcome to our leadership team€“ Tom, Nathan, Anand, Tom, Adrian, Mike
We have moved to Meetup.com. Please join us at our new home: http://www.meetup.com/Vancouver-Technology-Leaders/
Our next event VTL 2.0 Launch Networking Event has been announced on Meetup.com

The Leadership Team
I was really encouraged by the people who stepped forward, many of them without ever having attended a meeting, to help lead the VTL. We had 10 great candidates step forward. After meeting all the candidates and discussing with Nathan (one of our original members), we selected the following team:

Tom Giannelli – http://ca.linkedin.com/in/teejee/
Nathan Wawruck – http://www.linkedin.com/wawruck
Ron Steeper – http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/ron-steeper/15/344/244
Anand Deb – http://ca.linkedin.com/in/ananddeb/
Adrian Phillips – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/adrian-phillips/0/86b/297

The team has already met, come up with our initial plan and started to execute on it. Our next step will be to develop the plan for 2014, including our standard quarterly meetings, social events and new programs. We are also in the middle of preparing a survey to gather feedback and help the event planning process.

We will be making the minutes from all our meetings public on our discussion boards.

Goodbye Linkedin, hello Meetup
Last year Linkedin removed it’s event management features, making it much harder for us to manage our events and RSVPs. We decided to move the entire group over to Meetup.com as it has significantly more functionality and provides us the mechanics to run our events even more successfully. Please take a minute to sign up and join us at:


The Linkedin Group will become an open group, purely pointing people to the meetup group.

We are also moving to a model of having a small cost associated with all of our events. All fees will be used for the actual event covering any event costs, then will be applied to any meals or drinks.

It’s time for you to get involved and help create a great community. Meetup.com has features around discussions, mailing lists and member-managed events. Post up your leadership challenges and get feedback from our senior members. Tell us about your favorite leadership blogs to follow. The more engaged we are with the group, the more value we create for everyone.

VTL 2.0 Launch Networking Event
Our next event is a networking / beer and appies evening. Come out for your opportunity to meet with flow leaders (and leaders to be) and the VTL€™s leadership team. There’s a $10 fee to join us, which will be used to feed you!

Thank you all for being part of the Vancouver Technology Leaders and helping make our vision of developing the next generation of IT leaders a success. We’re looking forward to seeing you all in our new Meetup group and at our next event!

Mike Knapp and the VTL Leadership Team

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