Mike Knapp | Personal Branding Part 2 – Your Online Image

Personal Branding Part 2 – Your Online Image

Personal Branding Part 2 – Your Online Image

Posted by Mike Knapp in Professional Development 06 Dec 2011

In part 1 of this series, we talked about designing your personal image for success. While your personal image is hugely important, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Your online image can make all the difference for getting the initial meeting.

It shocks me when I look someone up on Linkedin and don’t see a thorough, professional profile. When I receive an introduction, the first thing I do is look the people up on Linkedin. Guess what – it’s the first thing recruiters and employers do too. I asked Nathan Wawruck, Division Director at Robert Half Technology for his thoughts:

As a corporate recruiter, I am constantly using LinkedIn to view candidate profiles. Generally speaking, candidates who have complete profiles, including peer recommendations and professional photographs, will be favoured for a response.”

Take the time to develop your Linkedin profile. Include your previous jobs, with details. Focus on quantitative business results wherever possible. Add your skills, awards, and anything else you can. Your profile should be at 100%.

Connect with co-workers past and present to create a wide network. Ask for recommendations for every job you have listed.

One of my close connections has had multiple cold calls from recruiters in the last few months for interesting positions based on his profile. I had one last week. That’s having your profile work for you!

At the same time, consider other elements of your online presence. Consider:

  • Do you have a website?
  • Personal Domain?
  • Does your email come from SmokeAnotherFatOne@hotmail.com?
  • Facebook / Twitter Profile

On Facebook – yes, recruiters and employers will check your profile. Make sure your picture won’t be held against you and lock down your profile so only the basics are available to those who aren’t your friends. One great thing I’ve seen people do is use a fake name for their personal profiles.

Developing your online image can be as deep as you want it to be. There’s tons of opportunity to become a thought leader or expert in your field. Linking that back to your profile on Linkedin makes it easy to find and highlights it to prospects.

When you’re easy to find and your sets the right stage, you’re more likely to find the right next opportunity.

Next Tuesday, part 3! Stay tuned for more!

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